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By the inventors of Calico Open Source

The most widely adopted open-source networking and security solution for containers and Kubernetes


Industry standard for networking and security for containers and Kubernetes

Trusted by global enterprises & startups

What we do

Kubernetes-native security

Cloud-native security as code for hosts, VMs, containers, Kubernetes components, workloads, and services to secure north-south and east-west traffic, enable enterprise security controls, and ensure continuous compliance.

Kubernetes-native observability

Kubernetes-native observability as code to collect real-time telemetry, enriched with Kubernetes context, for a live topographical view of interactions between components from hosts to services. Rapid troubleshooting with machine-learning powered anomaly and performance hotspot detection.

Multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud controls

Single framework to centrally secure, observe, and troubleshoot multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments running Linux or Window containers. Update and deploy policies in seconds to enforce security and compliance or resolve issues.

Kubernetes networking with pluggable data planes

Kubernetes multi-cluster networking based on a pluggable data plane including eBPF, Linux, and Windows. Highly scalable, performant, and resource-efficient networking that just works. Widely adopted Kubernetes networking and security solution powering over 1.5M nodes.

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Free O’Reilly eBook

A holistic approach to Kubernetes security and observability


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Solution architecture

Why Tigera

Kubernetes-native architecture that provides native extensions to enable security and observability as code for easy and consistent enforcement across Kubernetes distributions, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments

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Calico product editions

Calico Open Source

Open-source networking and security for containers and Kubernetes

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Calico Cloud

Pay-as-you-go security and observability SaaS platform for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud

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Calico Enterprise

Self-managed security and observability platform for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud

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