Automate Calico Cloud and EKS cluster integration using AWS Control Tower

Productive, scalable, and cost-effective, cloud infrastructure empowers innovation and faster deliverables. It’s a no-brainer why organizations are migrating to the cloud and containerizing their applications. As businesses scale their cloud infrastructure, they cannot be bottlenecked by security concerns. One way to release these bottlenecks and free up resources is by using automation.

What if you could automate the deployment and integration of your container security services with your cluster’s environment?

In a joint blog post with AWS Marketplace, AWS Sr. Cloud Application Architect, Deepak Sihag, joins Tigera’s Technical Marketing Engineer, Joseph Yostos, to walk you through the process of activating, deploying, and configuring Calico Cloud in your AWS Control Tower environment. And of course, how to automate the process of connecting Calico Cloud to your EKS cluster.

Blog highlights

Aside from showing you how you can fully leverage the preconfigured resources of AWS Control Tower, the solution walkthrough also highlights:

  • Event-driven automation to connect an EKS cluster with Calico Cloud
  • AWS CloudFormation deployment
  • Detailed runthrough of prerequisite configurations
  • Step-by-step guide on how to automate Calico Cloud and EKS cluster integration using AWS Control Tower
  • How to clean up your account to avoid incurring costs

Why read the blog?

As the industry’s only active Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), Calico Cloud is built to address ever-evolving security challenges, offering active, cloud-native security tools such as global policy management, full-stack observability, and risk mediation for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments.

Aside from implementing EKS security best practices, a multi-account strategy is also recommended for efficient isolation of resources while also providing an extra layer of security. As one of the most popular managed Kubernetes services, Amazon EKS’s AWS Control Tower enables customers to manage and control multi-account AWS environments with ease.

But the convenience doesn’t end there. By using the AWS Control Tower to automate the process of connecting Calico Cloud to your EKS cluster, all security and networking policies set up on your AWS account will automatically populate on Calico Cloud, so you can get started immediately. No additional setup required.

Read the blog to learn how Calico Cloud and AWS work together.

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