Calico Cloud: What’s new in October

Calico Cloud is an industry-first security and observability SaaS platform for Kubernetes, containers, and cloud. Since its launch, we have seen customers use Calico Cloud to address a range of security and observability problems for regulatory and compliance requirements in a matter of days and weeks. In addition, they only paid for the services used, instead of an upfront investment commitment, thus aligning their budgets with their business needs.

New in October

We are excited to announce recent Calico Cloud enhancements. Highlights include:

  • Managing your security and observability shouldn’t require you to manage a separate credential, authentication, and authorization access workflow. With Calico Cloud, you can bring your identity provider to manage user access to your security and observability platform. Simple sign in now requires login with the same credentials aligned to organizational roles. User management is simplified by leveraging in-house knowledge of identity management for many popular platforms. Calico Cloud supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google IDP, and Open ID.
  • Pre-built use case workflows are available in Calico Cloud for workload access control and enterprise security and controls. After signup:
    • Users can start monitoring and observing their application and microservices communication to external resources within minutes.
    • Users can prevent unauthorized access and mitigate exposure to sensitive data in their applications by deploying security and access controls with a few clicks (or by making it part of their code).
    • Users can get proof of security controls currently implemented, and associated change logs to help with compliance audits.
    • Users get continuous monitoring of the Kubernetes environment for compliance, and retain a daily history of their compliance status. Calico also includes predefined compliance report formats, as well as a resource for creating customized reports.
  • AWS and Azure users can now purchase Calico Cloud subscriptions in AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.

Customer highlight

One Calico Cloud customer, within days of subscribing to Calico Cloud, has been able to observe and monitor namespace, microservice, and pod-level activities in their Kubernetes cluster to achieve SOC 2 compliance for their SaaS application. In addition, they have deployed DNS-as-policy to continuously control the data flow between their Kubernetes clusters and external resources.


You can get started with Calico Cloud by signing up for a free trial. Calico Cloud is Cloud Security Alliance, SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI-DSS compliant.


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