Congratulations to the OpenStack community on releasing Juno

Here at Project Calico, we’d like to congratulate the OpenStack community on yesterday’s release of Juno, the 10th release of OpenStack (see While Project Calico is designed for a range of cloud environments, our first release is based on OpenStack and we are keen followers of the work that the OpenStack community is doing.

While the OpenStack devs have been getting Juno ready, our developers have been working hard over the past few weeks to move to the new architecture that we discussed last month.  Alongside that effort, though, we did find time to do an initial rebase of the Calico code against one of the Juno release candidates. This didn’t throw up any problems, so we’re hoping that we’ll be able to put out a new set of Calico packages within the next couple of weeks that provide our new architecture running against Juno.

Watch this space!


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