Fueling Mirantis OpenStack with Calico

We’ve recently been working on integrating Calico with the upcoming Fuel 6.1 release. For those not in the know, Fuel provides an intuitive GUI for deploying and managing OpenStack environments, simplifying the process of deploying OpenStack at scale. To get a feel for what it offers, you can have a play with the online Fuel demo (username and password are both ‘admin’).

A Calico plugin for Fuel is currently under development – you can find the code on GitHub. We’re in the process of getting this certified by Mirantis and added to the Fuel Plugin Catalogue, so for now this is just for those with an early interest – although our testing shows it working with the latest Fuel 6.1 development builds. Get in touch on the IRC channel or the mailing list if you’re interested in using Calico with Fuel and would like more details.

The plugin development is the first step in the recently announced partnership between Mirantis and Calico. We’ll keep you posted on exciting future developments!

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