Tigera Essentials for OpenShift

Production-ready, cloud native application connectivity — for Red Hat OpenShift

Tigera Essentials for OpenShift addresses the application connectivity challenges that come with cloud native architectures. Certified by Red Hat® for compatibility with OpenShift Container Platform, it delivers the production-ready software and support you need to successfully operate, optimize and secure your mission-critical applications.


Monitor, diagnose and repair application connectivity 


Ensure efficiency and resilience at scale with low-overhead service routing


Define and enforce granular, dynamic security policy for your organization

Tigera Essentials for OpenShift delivers:

Tigera Essentials Toolkit

The Tigera Essentials Toolkit includes unique software that enhances the application connectivity capabilities built into OpenShift and Project Calico.

Essentials’ powerful tiered policy capabilities support hierarchical security rules — so, for example, the security team can define global policies that take priority over departmental rules. The Toolkit also provides a policy query utility to help with diagnosis of issues, policy audit software to ensure your policies work as expected and policy violation alerts for proactive detection of anomalous application behavior or intruder activity.

Tigera Essentials Services

Your Tigera Essentials subscription includes access to a comprehensive set of services to ensure your success, from access to Tigera experts during design and implementation phases, through production backed by an enterprise-grade service level agreement, issue co-ordination with Red Hat, and more.

In addition, Tigera offers comprehensive training and professional services that complement your Essentials subscription.

Open Source Project Expertise

Choosing and implementing the right projects for application connectivity can be complex.

As an Essentials subscriber you will tap into Tigera’s many years of experience with foundational application connectivity projects including Calico and Istio.

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Benefits for You

Tigera helps you get into production smoothly and quickly no matter your role.


Application Developer


DevOps & SRE


Cloud / Network Architect


Security Engineer

Application Developer

As a developer you just want to get your application into production without worrying about the complexities of the infrastructure. And when there is a connectivity issue with your application, you need to be able to easily troubleshoot and fix the problem. Tigera Essentials provides tooling and baseline configurations so you can get up and running without hassle.

DevOps & SRE

DevOps resources concern themselves with providing a reliable platform for development, test and production. Tigera Essentials helps you meet the demands of the development organization to deploy application connectivity frameworks for modern applications. The tools can also help you upgrade, monitor and troubleshoot issues.

Cloud / Network Architect

Whether you are providing containers as a service or deploying a specific application, your biggest concern is architecting a stable and reliable platform for these applications to communicate. Tigera Essentials complements your in-house networking expertise with software and guidance to help define the right cloud architecture, from the network to the application.

Security Engineer

As a security engineer you may not be focused on building out a cloud-native platform but more concerned about applying consistent policy wherever and however applications communicate. With new platforms such as Kubernetes, you are concerned that applications comply with policy and that any and all traffic is secure within and beyond your private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Tigera Essentials allows you to micro-segment your applications, and review and control communication policies used across cloud native and legacy workloads.

Why Tigera?

Tigera are the industry’s leading experts in application connectivity for cloud architectures and Kubernetes environments including OpenShift. No other company is better qualified to deliver the software and support you need to get to production.

Get to production quickly

  • Focus on getting your apps in production, not designing an infrastructure stack from scratch.
  • Choose and architect the right solution for your environment (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Bare Metal, OpenStack, etc.).
  • Define an appropriate security policy for your cluster.

Focus on what matters

  • Spend time on applications not on how they communicate.
  • Operationalize day-to-day management of OpenShift with software that help you diagnose and deal with connectivity issues.
  • Efficiently transition your OpenShift deployment from proof-of-concept to production deployment.

Are you ready to take OpenShift to production?