4-ways to quickly identify and troubleshoot service-level issues in Kubernetes clusters


August 3, 2021
10:00 am PDT

Are you worried about your application’s overall health when running in a Kubernetes environment? Calico Cloud extends observability in your Kubernetes environment so you can get actionable answers.

In this 45 min webinar, you will learn from a real-world example how to do the following in your environments:

– Dynamically generate a service graph to understand how microservices are behaving and interacting with one another at runtime;

– Have customized views (aka Layers) to address your specific observability requirements;

– Generate shareable graphs with all required cross-organizational information to help teams collaborate; and

– Get a 360-degree visualization of communication covering namespaces, microservices, and pods

– Take corrective actions such as implementing security policy based on live observability



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