Dallas Cloud Native Meetup

Save the date…We are in Irving at the Dallas Cloud Native Group!


Tuesday, September 17, 2019
6:00 PM
 to 8:00 PM

Where: Pivotal Labs , 3001 Hackberry Rd · Irving, TX

Our Talk:  Securing microservices for zero trust network security

Leveraging experience from the design and deployment of network
security across numerous high profile deployments, Karthik will provide
a demo-driven walkthrough of recent network security architectures for microservices.
Specifically, this will highlight:
1. Transitioning to declarative policy-as-code for security controls.
2. Automating security and compliance workflows and adapting them for microservices.
3. Integrating Kubernetes and Envoy/Istio/Service-Mesh capabilities to enable zero-trust.


Our Speaker: 

Karthik Prabhakar is the Director of Solution Architecture at Tigera

Karthik Prabhakar is the Director of Solution Architecture at Tigera, where he helps customers with secure application connectivity designs leveraging various open source projects that Tigera maintains or is involved with (such as Project Calico, Flannel, CNI, Istio, etc.). Karthik has assisted in the architecture of numerous containerized and cloud infrastructure deployments at scale.


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Date : Sep 17 - Sep 17, 2019

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