AWS Dev Days: Hands-on EKS workshop: Implementing zero-trust security for containers


Security EKS
November 24, 2022
10:00 am GMT

In this EKS-focused security workshop, you will work with Calico and AWS Dev Days experts to learn how to implement zero-trust security for workloads to reduce the attack surface of applications running on EKS. This 90-minute hands-on lab comes with your own Calico Cloud environment and a sample app environment. The workshop will guide you in implementing:

  • Deploy zero-trust workload access controls (including DNS as policy and egress gateway)
  • Extend firewall protection at the granular, workload level
  • Block lateral movement of APTs with identity-aware microsegmentation
  • Apply zero-trust security controls at application level

We have limited the number of participants for this workshop to ensure that each participant can receive adequate attention.

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