AWS Quick Starts with Calico & Calico Enterprise: A Fireside Chat with K8s Experts from AWS & Tigera


Customer Success
January 19, 2021
6:00 pm UTC-8

At Tigera, we’re excited that our two leading Kubernetes solutions, Calico and Calico Enterprise, are now available as AWS Quick Starts. Everything you need to take advantage of Calico and Calico Enterprise is installed and configured in your EKS cluster, enabling you to immediately take advantage of a full set of Kubernetes security, observability and networking features.

In this fireside chat, you will learn about the value of using Calico with EKS in a Quick Start Kubernetes environment, including:

-How a Calico/Calico Enterprise Quick Start can help you address the three most common Kubernetes security, observability and networking challenges
-How you can implement network segmentation and tenant isolation using Calico network policy
-How you can easily integrate Calico Enterprise and its higher-level capabilities with your existing AWS tools including Security Groups, CloudWatch and Security Hub


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