Multi-Cluster, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Networking, Observability and Security Management


Security Observability
November 10, 2020
6:00 pm UTC-8

Managing networking, observability and security in multiple Kubernetes clusters can quickly become a major challenge. Lack of a centralized, unified multi-cluster approach results in dozens of clusters that are deployed and managed independently throughout an organization, with very little uniformity in the way they are secured. This adds complexity for DevOps teams, who must adapt to different cluster environments.

Calico Enterprise enables IT organizations to centrally manage clusters and workloads running on different infrastructure and using different Kubernetes distributions to enable and ensure consistent networking, observability and security across the environment. With Calico Enterprise, you benefit from a single, unified management plane that functions as a centralized point-of-control for multiple deployments of Calico Enterprise.

In this training session, we’ll focus on Calico Enterprise’s multi-cluster visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. You’ll learn:

  • How you can gain centralized networking, security and observability control across multiple clusters
  • How to set up Calico Enterprise multi-cluster networking and security management
  • How Calico Enterprise federates resources across clusters by identity, policy and service
  • How Calico Enterprise enables cross-cluster network policy, service definitions and service discovery

A free trial of Calico Enterprise is available after this session. You’ll be able to practice these use cases and others within your own hosted lab.


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