Cloud Mafia & SF Cloud Native Security Meetup

Join Christopher Liljenstolpe, CTO of Solutions & Karthik Prabhakar, Director of Solution Architecture, October 23rd in San Francisco for a demo and talk about how to secure hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments.


Securing hybrid and multi-cloud environments

So, you started with a k8s cluster on-prem and then you stood up another two, each in a different public cloud environment. Now someone’s asking how you’re going to secure your workloads and guarantee compliance, no matter where they are deployed. How the heck do you do that?

About Christopher Liljenstolpe, CTO of Solutions 

Christopher is the original architect of Project Calico and has helped define the future of networking for containers and services. Using his extensive practical experience designing and operating global-scale networks and enterprise cloud architectures, Christopher works closely with Tigera’s customers and the opensource community to drive the delivery of secure, simple and scalable applications.

Prior to Tigera, Christopher held solutions engineering and architecture leadership positions at Metaswitch, Big Switch, Telstra, Alcatel, and others, and has chaired multiple IETF working groups. He holds a BA in Chemistry and Computer Science from St. Olaf College.

About Karthik Prabhakar, Director of Solution Architecture

Karthik Prabhakar is the Director of Solution Architecture at Tigera, where he helps customers secure their applications by leveraging various open source projects that Tigera maintains or is involved with (such as Project Calico, Flannel, CNI, Istio, etc.). Karthik has assisted in the architecture of numerous containerized and cloud infrastructure deployments at scale.

Event Location:

58 Maiden Lane, San Francisco CA 94591

5th floor

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Food & drinks will be provided.


Date : Oct 23 - Oct 23, 2018

Event Category : Meetups


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