Cloud Workload Protection: Access Control Best Practices


October 26, 2021
10:00 am PDT

Rolling out an application without appropriate access controls can expose the business to multiple risks that include:

  • Unauthorized access to applications and data
  • Exposure of sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Non-compliance with corporate and industry regulations
  • Potential introduction of malware and ransomware

In this webinar we will explore how you can accelerate your application modernization journey and integrate container and Kubernetes workloads with external APIs, applications, databases and public clouds without compromising any requirements for security or compliance.

Calico provides you with three methods to enable fine-grained access controls between your Kubernetes environment and external resources such as databases, cloud services, APIs, and other applications that are protected behind a firewall.

  • Egress Gateway – Enforce workload access controls from a firewall outside the cluster
  • DNS Policy – Enforce workload access controls from within the cluster
  • Network Sets: Global and Namespaced – Apply policy and CIDR ranges to control traffic going to or coming from external, non-Calico networks


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