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A cloud environment increases an organization’s attack surface, necessitating constant vigilance to ensure that cloud infrastructure is locked down and that DevSecOps teams have the right tools for the job. Because of its dynamic, ephemeral nature, Kubernetes adds further complexity to the challenges presented by cloud environments—especially when it comes to protecting microservices. To effectively respond to this new security paradigm, it’s critical for cloud security teams to have the Kubernetes-native tools they need to deploy security controls and to detect and mitigate threats.

In this discussion, we’ll explore the extensive contents of Calico Cloud and Calico Enterprise’s cluster protection “toolbox” that support east-west and north-south controls, as well as compliance. We’ll also highlight the intrusion detection and protection (IDS/IPS) capabilities that are at your fingertips. Whether you need to control egress access, encrypt data-in-motion, detect and prevent lateral movement, or deploy honeypods to lure attackers away from your most valuable production assets, Calico Cloud and Calico Enterprise empower you with solutions that automate and simplify your security tasks.

You will learn…
What workload protection capabilities exist in Calico Cloud and Calico Enterprise, and the challenges they address
How you can develop a defense-in-depth security posture
How DevSecOps teams can deploy “self-service” security to achieve greater autonomy

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