The challenges involved in deploying and managing microservices have led to the creation of the service mesh, a tool for adding observability, security, and traffic management capabilities to applications by inserting those features at the platform layer rather than the application layer. While a service mesh is intended to help Developers and SREs with a number of use cases related to service-to-service communication within the cluster, the service mesh also adds complexity and introduces an additional control plane for the Platform team to manage.

Now there’s an operationally simpler way to achieve granular observability and security at the application layer and address two of the most popular use cases that drive service mesh consideration, while avoiding the complexities associated with a bolt-on service mesh. Deploying Envoy as a sidecar, Calico Cloud and Calico Enterprise enable you to secure and observe pod-to-pod and service-to-service communication using a common control plane at the application and network layers, across any Kubernetes distribution or cloud service. Developers can focus on adding business value instead of connecting services, and the platform team has the granular visibility needed to rapidly identify and effectively troubleshoot issues.

Learn how you can:

– Easily protect service-to-service communication at the application layer
– Gain granular observability into cluster-wide behavior and performance metrics for faster troubleshooting and issue resolution
– Centrally secure clusters and workloads running on different infrastructure and using different Kubernetes distributions to enable and ensure consistent security and policy management across the environment
– Deploy a single, unified management plane that functions as a centralized point-of-control for multiple deployments of Calico Enterprise and Calico Cloud

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