Docker Portland August Session

Join Spike Curtis, Senior Software Engineer from Tigera to discuss how to apply network security policies for Docker EE at Docker Portland’s August meetup.

You will also receive a DockerCon Recap, and a demo and overview of Kubernetes in Docker Enterprise Edition.


What’s a Cat Doing in my Cluster?

You’ve spun up Kubernetes in your DockerEE cluster, but what are all these new components? Where’s Libnetwork? What is this cute Calico cat doing here? I just turned on this “network policy thing” and now nothing is talking – What is going on?
In 15 minutes, I will explain Kubernetes networking basics, how it works in DockerEE, what network policy is and what you can use it for, a real-world use-case from the front lines of containerized network security, and even who that insufferably cute kitten is, and what it’s doing in your cluster.

About Spike Curtis, Senior Software Engineer

Spike Curtis is a software developer at Tigera. He co-leads the Istio Security Working Group, and contributes to SPIFFE specifications. He was also a core developer for Calico and worked on the initial integrations with Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos. He has spoken about cloud native security at many conferences including CoreOS Fest, MesosCon, Tectonic Summit, ContainerSched and most recently, KubeCon North America.

Spike earned his PhD from the University of Oxford where he worked on quantum computing with ion traps. He has also worked for Silicon Valley start-ups Palantir Technologies and Rigetti Computing.

Twitter: @spikecurtis
Github: @spikecurtis

Event Location

Puppet Labs
Puppet 308 SW 2nd Ave., 5th Floor Portland, OR


August Session

Monday, Aug 27, 2018, 6:00 PM

Puppet Labs
Puppet 308 SW 2nd Ave., 5th Floor Portland, OR

7 Dockers Attending

TBD this week.

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Date : Aug 27 - Aug 27, 2018

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