Getting up and running with Calico on EKS (EU Time Zone)


Calico Open Source
September 24, 2020
8:00 am CEST

Spinning up an EKS cluster is a great way to get started with Kubernetes on AWS. If you are doing more than just playing then you’ll want to enable network security using Calico as the officially supported network policy implementation for EKS. Or you might want to completely replace EKS’s built in Amazon VPC CNI plugin with Calico networking.

In this training session we will do a deep dive on EKS networking options, including:
-Understanding the various supported networking options for EKS
-How to add Calico to an EKS cluster to provide network policy
-How to completely replace EKS networking with Calico
-Understanding the various design considerations of running scalable EKS clusters with Calico
-Learning about the additional capabilities of Calico Enterprise on EKS


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