Getting up and running with Calico on your Rancher Kubernetes Cluster


Calico Open Source
November 5, 2020
6:00 pm UTC-8

Rancher is a great way to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters across a broad range of environments, abstracting away many of the differences between the environments, and using Canal for run-anywhere networking. But what if you want to up your networking game to squeeze the most out of your clusters?

In this training session you’ll learn about the various networking options available to you in Rancher, and considerations to take into account in order to select the best option for your environment.

We will also showcase how to bootstrap and configure your Rancher cluster along with sample network policy deployments.

What you will learn:

– Understand the available networking options for your Rancher cluster
– Learn about the pros and cons for various networking options
– Explore some of the advanced capabilities of Calico Enterprise on Rancher

A Calico Enterprise trial is available after this session and you will be able to practice these use cases on your own within a hosted lab.


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