Hands-on workshop: Learn best practices to address enterprise security and compliance challenges in Kubernetes


November 18, 2021
2:00 pm GMT

In this enterprise compliance focussed workshop for Kubernetes, you will work with a Calico subject matter expert to learn how to design, deploy, and observe security and networking policies to ensure compliance in your Kubernetes environment. This 90-minute hands-on lab with your own provisioned Calico Cloud environment is designed to provide more complete knowledge on how to implement:

– Migrate and apply PCI, SOC2 compliance policies
– Microsegmentation to prevent lateral movement
– Intrusion detection & prevention tactics
– Generate and leverage audit reports showing security rules in place, and demonstrate proof of compliance
– pre-defined compliance report formats and custom reports to streamline compliance program

You will come away from this workshop with an understanding of how others in your industry are doing enterprise security and compliance in Kubernetes environment such as AWS EKS, Microsoft AKS, Rancher, Openshift, on-premises or in public cloud.
We have limited the number of participants for this workshop to ensure adequate attention can be given to each participant.

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