Hands-on Workshop: Learn how to implement Workload access controls for containers & Kubernetes


October 28, 2021
10:00 am PDT

Without proper security controls, containers and Kubernetes become an ideal target for attackers. In this workshop, a Kubernetes security expert will show you how to design policies to securely and granularly control workload access between Kubernetes clusters and external resources like APIs and applications.

This 90-minute, hands-on lab with your own provisioned Calico Cloud environment is designed to provide more complete knowledge on how to:

  • Author DNS policies that implement fine-grained access controls between an individual pod or namespace and external services
  • Specify the CIDR IPs to use in a network policy, and eliminate the need to manually update all the access control policies when one end of the communication is a large set of CIDR IPs
  • Build a common segmentation model through a unified policy framework that works across all of your environments, and segments workloads including bare metal, hosts, VMs, containers, and microservices


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