Enabling Kubernetes multi-tenancy


Security Observability
October 20, 2020
6:00 pm UTC-8

When you have multiple teams interacting with a Kubernetes cluster you need to think about multi-tenancy: how to enable each team the access to the specific resources it needs, in a way that allows the team to be agile, without risking impacting other teams?

In this training session, we will explore
-Kubernetes multi-tenancy concepts and design patterns
-How Calico Enterprise enables security for operations teams to put guardrails in place in a multi-tenancy environment
-How Calico Enterprise can be used to enable even richer security controls across multiple teams
-How adopting a shift-left self-service security model with Calico Enterprise can increase your software delivery agility and security

A Calico Enterprise trial is available after this session and you will be able to practice these use cases on your own within a hosted lab.


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