Is servicemesh the only option to secure application layer traffic?


June 27, 2023
10:00 am PDT

A bulk of service to service communication within microservices happens via REST API. To observe and secure the HTTP layer traffic, users have to rely on a complex, resource-intensive solution like a service-mesh. Calico’s Application Layer Policy provides a simpler solution through an integration with Envoy as a DaemonSet to enforce application level policies. This webinar will explore some important aspects of securing and observing application layer traffic.

  • Deploy access controls using Layer 7 attributes (HTTP methods and URL path)
  • Simplify application layer visibility without installing a service-mesh
  • Zero-Trust controls at the application layer


Giri Radhakrishnan Product Marketing Manager, Tigera
Dhiraj Sehgal Director of Product Marketing, Tigera


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