Live Demo & Office Hours: Enable Self-Service Security for DevOps


July 28, 2021
10:00 am PDT

When a new microservice is added to a secure cluster, it must be deployed along with a security policy to enable the service to communicate with other services and APIs. Typically, a central control reviews or creates policies for every microservice deployment to avoid existing policies from being overwritten. This process doesn’t scale, and hampers development teams. Calico empowers Dev teams and SREs to make security policy changes on a self-service basis, by representing policies as code that is deployed alongside your applications and workloads. This dramatically improves the pace of app deployment into protected clusters.

In this session, you will learn:
– How Calico’s security policy-as-code approach fully automates the end-to-end app deployment process, including configuring any necessary security changes
– How Calico policy tiers are used to visually define the order in which security policies are evaluated
– How you can use Calico to automate validation steps that ensure your security policy works properly before being committed


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