Managing Security and Observability for Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Deployments


Security Observability
September 27, 2022
10:00 am PDT

In order to scale their cloud-native applications and make them feature-rich, organizations are using multiple clouds, each for the different services (e.g. ML, database, compute, etc.) offered. Because different cloud providers offer different services, it’s difficult to use only a single distro or cloud. This creates an ordeal for platform and DevOps teams, which need to manage separate security and observability solutions for each cloud provider. Calico simplifies the challenge by providing a single, unified solution that enables the use of federated resources (policies, identity and service).

In this talk, we will break down the complexity of a multi-cluster Kubernetes deployment and look at:

  • An introduction to multi-cluster architectures
  • Unified controls for multi-cluster deployments with Calico
  • Implementing security policies across multiple clusters
  • Extending the standard Kubernetes service functionality across clusters


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