Microsegmentation for Containers and Microservices: Best Practices


Security Microsegmentation
August 16, 2022
10:00 am PDT

There is a reason why traditional network-based segmentation solutions will not work in cloud-native environments – they are not built for it! A Kubernetes-native approach is required to isolate containzerized workloads within a deployment. Since Kubernetes is an open system with underlying dynamic infrastructure and no built-in mechanisms to prevent the lateral movement of security threats, Microsegmentation is the only way to isolate and protect workloads from threats that can move laterally . In this webinar, you will learn how Microsegmentation for containers and microservices can do the following:

  • Limit the blast radius of a threat
  • Provide a unified and dynamic segmentation model for Containers, VMs, and Bare Metal
  • Specific security polices as code for consistent enforcement at workload-level


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