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Save the date for Microservice Network Policy and Compliance Meetup featuring:Christopher Liljenstolpe, CTO of Solutions for Tigera & Syed from Serverless SF. Wednesday January 9th at Thirsty Bear in San Francisco.

Securing Microservices – what use is a perimeter if they are already inside?

For decades, we have defined application stacks and trust boundaries
and built big, beautiful walls around them.  It was easier, and things
were fairly static.  Static, however, is one adjective that can not be
applied to modern microservices.  Neither can a single concept of
trust.  The edifice of the perimeter wall being ‘good enough’ is
crumbling.  What good is the wall, if you’ve already allowed the
aggressors in via the front gates.

We’ll be discussing the use of policies and policy enforcement that is
linked to the orchestrator and microservice artifacts, the only
sources of ‘truth’ in modern deployments.

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

About Christopher Liljenstolpe, CTO of Solutions for Tigera

Christopher is the original architect of Project Calico and has helped define the future of networking for containers and services. Using his extensive practical experience designing and operating global-scale networks and enterprise cloud architectures, Christopher works closely with Tigera’s customers and the open community to drive the delivery of secure, simple and scalable application connectivity for the cloud native era.

About SF Cloud Native Security:

SF Cloud Native Security is a group sharing best practices for securing cloud-native applications. Topics include best practices to secure microservice and cloud-native environments, cloud security, and how to align with compliance mandates (PCI DSS, SOC2, GDPR, etc.)

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Event Location:

Thirsty Bear Brewery – San Francisco
3915, 661 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105


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