Protecting modern cloud-native applications from network-based threats with runtime security


April 12, 2022
10:00 am PDT

As security teams are taking a breather after patching and fixing their systems for the Log4shell vulnerability, the next threat is not too far. These cyber attacks will continue to happen and as long as organizations ramp up their security, precious time and effort will be lost in finding and fixing similar vulnerabilities. To help platform and DevOps teams invest in the right strategy and assist in protecting cloud-native workloads, Calico has purpose-built solutions for mitigating not only known threats but zero-day attacks too.

In this webinar we will address why traditional firewalls are insufficient to protect cloud and containerized workloads. Join us to know more about Calico’s

  • Runtime protection with a feature rich IDS/IPS capability to detect known and unknown threats
  • Ability to ingest network data between workloads for full visibiity into packets
  • Integration with Envoy for application-level security


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