Protecting Your Microservices with Kubernetes-native IDS


July 20, 2021
10:00 am PDT

Kubernetes workloads are more frequently becoming the target of cyber attacks as threat actors become more aware of the inherent vulnerabilities of Kubernetes’ larger attack surface. Firewalls have traditionally been used to block attacks, but if the perimeter is breached there’s no protection from within the cluster. The conventional way to identify attacks is with an Intrusion Detection System, or IDS. However, the dynamic nature of Kubernetes requires a purpose-built Kubernetes-native IDS solution that can detect, alert, and block attacks.

Calico delivers a feature-rich IDS solution that is purpose-built for Kubernetes. Learn how Calico IDS:

– Pinpoints the source of malicious activity
– Uses machine learning to identify anomalies
– Creates a security moat around critical workloads
– Deploys honeypods to capture zero-day attacks
– Automatically remediates and quarantines potentially malicious workloads
– Provides recommendations to prevent future attacks


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