Runtime Security for Cloud-Native Applications with eBPF


April 5, 2022
10:00 am PDT

In the dynamic cloud-native environment of Containers and Kubernetes, application owners need the ability to monitor containers in the cloud for malicious activity, and actively mitigate any associated security and compliance risk from known and zero-day threats. Calico Cloud uses eBPF probes to monitor workload activity data across network traffic, file system, processes, system calls, binaries, and more. Calico Cloud’s threat defense engine compares data from these probes, in near real time, with known malicious attacks. Our threat defense engine also uses machine learning to create a behavioral baseline of the workload, and Tigera’s own curated ruleset based on historical attacks, to provide a comprehensive threat defense solution against zero-day threats.

Attend this informational webinar to learn:

  • What is eBPF and how it can be used for enhanced observability for containerized workloads
  • How Calico Cloud’s runtime security features work under the hood.
  • How Calico Cloud uses eBPF to power its container runtime security solution.


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