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Save the date for Seattle Microservices Meetup featuring: Spike Curtis, Senior Software Engineer for Tigera, November 7th in Seattle, WA.

Talk Information:
Implementing Zero Trust Networks for Kubernetes
For cloud native applications, the network is simultaneously the all-important life blood as well as a hotbed of attacks. Distribution to microservices and increased sophistication of attackers are driving that tension higher and higher. Zero Trust Networking is a set of design principles for dealing with these threats by reducing trust in the network as much as possible. It upends the traditional zone-based view of network security in favor of the assumption that every network and every workload could be compromised. “Trusted” networks are replaced by strong cryptographic verification of each network flow. Spike will introduce Zero Trust Networks and demonstrate how to use open source software like SPIFFE, Envoy, Istio and Kubernetes Network Policy to build a Zero Trust Kubernetes Network. He will also discuss organizational processes to build and maintain it.

Location: @ Heptio

Meeting room: 5th Floor
Date: Nov 13, 2018
Time: 6:15 – 8:30 pm.

6:15 – 6:45 Arrival and social; food/beverages.

6:45 – 7:00 Intro and a few words from our sponsor

7:00 – 7:30 Spike Curtis from Tigera

About Spike Curtis

Spike Curtis is a software developer at Tigera. He co-leads the Istio Security Working Group, and contributes to SPIFFE specifications.  He was also a core developer for Calico and worked on the initial integrations with Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos. He has spoken about cloud native security at many conferences including CoreOS Fest, MesosCon, Tectonic Summit, ContainerSched and most recently, KubeCon North America.

Spike earned his PhD from the University of Oxford where he worked on quantum computing with ion traps.  He has also worked for Silicon Valley start-ups Palantir Technologies and Rigetti Computing.

Twitter: @spikecurtis

Github: @spikecurtis

About Seattle Microservices

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