Service Mesh Day

Tigera is speaking at Service Mesh Day 2019!

First ever industry conference on service mesh

Event Location: Fairmont San Francisco

Take a day to dive deep in to service mesh on March 29, 2019 – a full-day service mesh conference with co-hosts Varun Talwar and Matt Klein.

Join Tigera a day early for pre-conference talk. See full schedule here.

Tigera’s Presence – Pre-Conference Speaker

March 28th: Workshops + Lightning Talks

Fairmont Hotel (Pavilion room) from 2pm to 4/4:30pm.
Sessions should not be longer than 15-20 min maximum.
Tigera session will be around 3pm

Speaker: Karthik Prabhakar, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture

Tales from the Trenches during Service Mesh Adoption by the Mainstream

Service mesh adoption is slowly permeating into more complex organizations
with additional requirements for connectivity, policy and identity within their
Kubernetes and microservice deployments.

This talk will provide a quick snapshot of some of the challenges encountered during
service mesh adoption (or pilots) by these organizations, and a few tips on what has
helped ease the migration path for service mesh in some cases.

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Date : Mar 28 - Mar 29, 2019

Event Category : Trade Shows


Manager : Erica Aguilar

Email :