Solving PCI Compliance Challenges for Containers and Kubernetes


August 17, 2021
10:00 am PDT

Increased adoption of containers and cloud platforms has resulted in a proliferation of new security risks. The dynamic nature of Kubernetes can create challenges for organizations with PCI-DSS regulatory compliance requirements. To compound this challenge, developers and site reliability engineers are now being asked to secure the services they own despite having little prior experience or training in security best practices.

Whether you are using hosts, VMs, containers or Kubernetes, Calico Enterprise and Calico Cloud can help you achieve granular visibility into your cloud environment, address security risks and meet PCI compliance and audit requirements. Calico continuously monitors and logs Kubernetes environments for compliance purposes, helping DevOps, as well as SOC teams, maintain the security posture needed to get to production faster. And Calico’s common security model works with any public cloud service in a hybrid or multi-cloud configuration, and in any Kubernetes distribution.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Calico automates and simplifies PCI-DSS compliance monitoring, enforcement, and audit by tracking all policy changes and retaining a daily history of your compliance status
  • How Calico enables you to easily access audit reports showing the network security rules in place, and demonstrate proof of compliance for your security team and auditors
  • How Calico can help you streamline your compliance program with pre-defined compliance report formats, as well as a resource to create customized reports



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