Three simple Kube-native ways to address Kubernetes and container networking, security and troubleshooting challenges


October 7, 2021
10:00 am PDT

With the growth in the Kubernetes environment, teams grapple with various networking, security, and troubleshooting challenges. For example:


  • Network encapsulation or routable IPs
  • Prevent IP exhaustion
  • Security-as-policy and data-in-transit encryption


  • Workload access controls
  • Cluster-based vs node-based vs pod-based
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Build threat detection and prevention
  • IP address and domain name threat feeds
  • DNS-based attacks and defense


  • Live visualization with Dynamic Service Graph
  • In-line data aggregation and correlation
  • Dynamic Packet Capture

Join this webinar, to learn the high-level container and Kubernetes networking decision tradeoffs, and best practices for securing, monitoring, and troubleshooting your cloud environment derived from the feedback of hundreds of Calico users.

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