Troubleshooting microservices in AWS and Calico for Kubernetes Environment


July 27, 2021
10:00 am PDT

Join us to learn about what are most common Kubernetes security and observability challenges AWS users face for cloud-native applications. We will also go through how to observe, monitor, and address these issues for Cloud-native applications in AWS with Calico across the Kubernetes environment. In this session we will discuss:

– Speed up problem identification and troubleshooting with a live view of communication between namespaces, microservices, and deployments.
– DNS information categorized by microservices and workloads to determine whether DNS is the root cause for application connectivity issues.
– Detect and prevent anomalous behaviors such as attempts to access applications, restricted URLs, and scans for particular URLs.
– Reduce the time with live troubleshooting of service-to-service connectivity issues with Dynamic Packet Capture


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