Application-Level Observability

Gain visibility into service-to-service communication within your Kubernetes environment, without the operational complexity and performance overhead of service mesh



Deploying microservices in a distributed architecture requires application-level observability to understand all aspects associated with service-to-service communication within the cluster. Service-to-service traffic at this layer typically uses HTTP. DevOps, SREs and developers often struggle with questions such as: How do I observe my application with little or no additional instrumentation? Is my application performing slow due to service-to-service communication or underlying Kubernetes provisioned infrastructure? And how do I effectively protect my application-layer data?

Calico provides application-level observability with Envoy integration in your dataplane. Developers can get application-level information such as transaction/request throughput, error rates, performance, and latency metrics in an interactive and customizable dashboard to monitor and troubleshoot connectivity issues, identify performance hotspots, and detect operational anomalies.


Increased developer productivity

Increased developer productivity: Rapidly identify performance hotspots and troubleshoot service issues. Save time and effort with intuitive dashboards to observe what is happening in real-time and take corrective actions accordingly.

Customized views

Get a centralized, all-encompassing view of service-to-service communication within your Kubernetes cluster. Use Kubernetes-native visualizations to see communication between namespaces, services, deployments and external endpoints.

Reduced operational complexity

Gain deep observability at the application layer with Envoy integrated into the Kubernetes dataplane. Access flow logs and security policies for application-level traffic with valuable metadata and metrics for analysis and troubleshooting.


  • Delivers a single pane of glass view for all application-layer traffic with summaries by service, response code, performance metrics, API calls, and Kubernetes context.
  • Provides flow log data rich with Kubernetes metadata :
    • Source and destination namespace
    • Average and maximum duration
    • URL
    • Response code
    • User agent
    • Method and status code (e.g. HTTP)
    • Bytes sent and received
    • Source and destination type (pod, networkset, etc.)
    • Request and response latency

How It Works


Learn how Kubernetes-native application-level observability is achieved with Calico.



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