Multicluster Management

When you are running multiple clusters and in particular multiple clouds and kubernetes distributions it can become a lot of overhead to manage operations.

Calico Enterprise can be run as a single, central management plane across all of your clusters, including cloud-managed clusters like Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, and IBM IKS; as well as self-managed distributions like Docker, OpenShift, Karbon, and Konvoy. Your cluster can be running between multiple cloud or even on-premises; Calico Enterprise Multi-cluster management will manage them all from a central GUI.

Calico Enterprise Multi-cluster management offers the following key capabilities

  • Federated Policy Tiers
    • Define your security policies once and enforce them across any or all of your clusters
    • Edit policies and the changes will ripple across other clusters
  • Federated identity
    • Define policies that enable a source pod to reference a destination pod in another cluster and control access via Network Policy
  • Visualization
    • Use the Cluster Selector dropdown to select any cluster and visualize the network in that cluster

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