Calico Essentials Support Policy

Effective date: December 16, 2020

This Calico Essentials Support Policy describes the maintenance and support options that are available to Tigera customers and explains the terms and conditions under which Tigera provides support for Calico (“Supported Software”) as part of the Calico Essentials Program.

For the purpose of this document, an “issue” is defined as: (i) any failure of the Supported Software to function substantially in accordance with Tigera’s generally published Calico technical documentation; (ii) any material defect in the Supported Software; or (iii) any question regarding the use and operations of the Supported Software.

1. Support from Tigera

Tigera provides a support portal as the primary channel for customers to access our support resources which include knowledge base articles and access to technical support engineers (“Support Portal”). All Issues must be reported via the support portal by contacts who have been authorized as the support contacts for Tigera. The number of authorized support contacts will depend on the subscription level purchased and will be outlined in the order agreement and may be changed from time to time by communicating such changes in writing to Tigera. Each support contact must complete at least one technical training course offered by Tigera. Issue reports must describe the Issue and include sufficient information (data, logs) for Tigera to reproduce and troubleshoot the Issue.

Customer agrees to cooperate with and assist Tigera in its troubleshooting and resolution efforts for Issues reported by the Customer. Customer also agrees to (i) enable the call home feature in the Supported Software and, (ii) provide remote access to the Supported Software for the duration required by Tigera to investigate, troubleshoot and resolve Issues. Tigera will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support in accordance with our Service Level Guidelines listed below:

 Calico Essentials Response SLA
Severity LevelResponse Time
Production system is down, causing critical impact to business operations if service is not restored quickly. No work around is available.
4 Hours
Production system is severely degraded, impacting significant aspects of business operations. No work around is available.
Next Business Day
Customer’s production system is degraded. Network functionality is noticeably impaired, but most business operations continue. Major issue in a non-production environment.
Next 2 Business Days
Support request where there is no immediate impact on Customer’s business operations, for example, where Customer is asking questions or requesting information. Minor issue in a non-production environment.
Next 1 Business Week
Hours of SupportBusiness Hours PT;
5 business days;
No holiday support
All verbal and written support provided by Tigera will be in English language.

Tigera shall have no obligation to resolve Issues unless Customer provides all the information and access required by Tigera.

To access and use Support, you must raise any issues via the Support Portal or 24×7 support procedures and provide Tigera with sufficient information to validate your entitlement to the relevant Support Level.

We do not provide Support for Software that (a) you (or a third party) have modified or recompiled, (b) is running on a platform that is not a platform supported by Tigera. You are responsible for testing the Supported Software before deploying it in your environment. You should also backup your systems on a regular basis and have those backups available if needed for resolving technical issues.

Support is provided in the English language. Tigera’s support telephone numbers and local standard business hours (“Standard Business Hours”) are 9am-5pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday excluding standard public holidays.

2. Exclusions

Tigera shall have no responsibility to provide support for any issues resulting from: (i) causes external to the Supported Software, such as problems with any other hardware, software or other infrastructure with which the Supported Software is used; (ii) improper, unauthorized or negligent installation, configuration or use of the Supported Software; (iii) any alterations or modifications made to the Supported Software by anyone other than Tigera; (iv) use of Supported Software versions which are unsupported by Tigera pursuant to the End-of-Life policy described below; or (v) any other cause not within Tigera’s reasonable control.

3. Customer’s Breach

Tigera shall have no obligation to provide support to Customer in the event of a breach by Customer of any of its obligations under the Calico Essentials Program Agreement or this Support Policy.

4. End-of-Life Policy

Tigera will provide Support for 12 months from the GA release date of long-term support (LTS) releases of Calico. Once a version reaches End-of-Life, Tigera will no longer release service packs or hotfixes for that version. Technical support for such versions and all non-LTS versions will be provided on a best effort basis. Tigera recommends maintaining the instance of your Calico Software to the latest generally available release.

5. Support Term

Customer will be entitled to support under this policy as long as the Customer has an active subscription to Calico Essentials. Support will terminate when the subscription to Calico Essential ends.

Tigera may modify the terms of its support from time to time. Any changes made to this Support Policy will be effective upon subscription renewal.


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