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In addition to the standard Linux iptables data plane, Calico Open Source has a pluggable data plane that offers Calico users options, to take advantage of the best possible data plane technologies available in a given environment. One of those options is the Calico eBPF data plane. It offers significant advantages, including even more highly optimised throughput and latency, and enabling improved logging and visibility.

However, to benefit from these features, you need to know how to enable the Calico eBPF data plane correctly, and understand the prerequisites. It also helps to understand what eBPF actually is, and what it can do!

The CCO-L2-EBPF course is therefore intended to help the learner:

Target Audience

This is a level 2 course, so it assumes the learner is familiar with Calico, and has already completed the CCO-L1 course. If not, consider doing that first. You can learn more here. In addition, a solid understanding of IP networking is beneficial. The learner will also need to be comfortable with working at a command-line interface. The course does contain programming exercises; these are heavily guided though, so there is no need to be a programmer. These are included to help with understanding of eBPF.

What the Course Covers

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