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Calico Cloud is the next-generation container security platform that actively prevents, detects and mitigates breaches.

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 Calico CloudSysdig Secure
Reduce attack surfacePrevents attacks before they happen. Minimizes the risk of attacks with vulnerability management, configuration hardening and workload centric security controls.Provides vulnerability management but uses a detection centric approach that waits for attacks to happen instead of preventing them.
Comprehensive runtime securityProvides comprehensive protection from both known and zero-day container and network-based attacks. Uses workload-centric IDS/IPS, WAF and container behavior to identify suspicious activity and attacks.Relies on Falco to detect container based threats. Minimal protection against network based threats.
Automatic risk mitigationActively recommends policies to mitigate risks with a single-click preview, staging, and enforcement.Leaves risk mitigation to the already burdened DevOps and security teams.

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Customer Testimonials

Calico makes it extremely easy to author, review, and enforce custom security policy. This is helpful as it allows us to have full control over the communications between microservices in our environment.


Sr. Staff Application Security Engineer, eHealth

It’s extremely helpful to know what endpoints your services are talking to. With Calico Cloud in place, we have a much-improved security posture.


Director of Infrastructure and Security Operations, Mulligan Funding

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