Accelerate Your Edge Strategy with Calico and SUSE Rancher

Accelerate your Edge strategy with Calico and SUSE Rancher to provide hands-off edge device installation and workload deployment, including standardized Calico CNI and Calico Open Source configurations.

In this 30 minute session you will see how SUSE and Tigera can help you deploy tens of thousands of edge nodes anywhere in the world with automatic onboarding, O/S installation, Kubernetes cluster installation and configuration, plus full security configuration and workload deployment. Your edge nodes go from zero to Application Hero, hands-off and in less than 15 minutes. Maintaining the node operating systems, Kubernetes software, and applications is just as easy with full CI/CD integration for all layers of the platform.


About the speaker

Alex Arnoldy Solution Architect, SUSE

Alex is a Solution Architect for the SUSE Embedded team. He has been working directly with the Rancher portfolio since its acquisition in 2020. Alex has held the Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification since 2018 and also holds the CKS certification. In addition, he has been hard at work over the past couple of months to become his team's subject matter expert on NeuVector, SUSE's full life cycle container security offering. He will soon be supporting customers that need enablement on NeuVector in addition to Embedded products.