Eliminating IP exhaustion and managing IPs with Calico Open Source IPAM

With the advent of pods, Kubernetes became the de-facto tool to manage these millions of pods. While IP address is a scarce resource, every last pod in Kubernetes demands its own IP address. From an infrastructure design perspective, it presents a challenge. A key aspect of container networking is IP address management, which often gets overlooked. How Kubernetes assigns IP addresses to pods is determined by the IPAM (IP Address Management) plugin being used. Different IPAM plugins provide different feature sets. Calico provides its own IPAM plugin called calico-ipam. This talk throws some light on how Calico approaches IPAM.

  1. What is Calico IPAM?
  2. How does Calico’s IPAM work?
  3. Features of Calico IPAM
  4. How does it address IP exhaustion for AKS and EKS
  5. How to get started

About the speaker

Parth Goswami Customer Enablement Engineer, Cloudera

Parth Goswami is a Calico Big Cat and an open-source enthusiast who mostly works with containers and networking. He loves contributing to open source by hosting meetups and interacting with the community.