Fireside chat: How Box moved into automated dependency mapping and policy generation with API v3

Box is an early adopter of Kubernetes and has thousands of services running in multiple clusters. Managing security policies for such large deployments is a challenge.
Adopting the GitOps model helped Box manage its security policies because this model provides centralized policy management, change artifacts for compliance, and consistent policy enforcement across multiple clusters in a hybrid cloud environments. As the number of services within its Kubernetes cluster grew, Box wanted to simplify policy generation and enforcement. Box was able to move away from building and maintaining security policies by creating an automated and dynamic policy generation model through understanding upstream and downstream service dependencies.


About the speaker

Tapas Kumar Mohapatra Sr. Manager, Site Reliability Engineering, Cloud & Kubernetes, Box

Tapas Mohapatra leads the site reliability engineering organization at Box, responsible for the overall reliability of Box eco system and Box's largest Kubernetes-based PaaS. He has over 20 years of extensive experience focussed on building, scaling and transforming engineering teams delivering innovative cloud SaaS products/solutions across various tech stacks.