Fireside Chat: The power of open-source software: Successfully move to open-hybrid-cloud

Join Cameron Skidmore and Joseph Yostos as they discuss how successfully move to open-hybrid-cloud by leveraging the power of open-source software.
Attendees will learn about exciting open source projects, the way that open-hybrid-cloud is changing with the way we think about solutions, and how to get started trying out the latest in open source tech.

About Red Hat:
Red Hat takes the latest open-source innovations and crafts them into enterprise-ready solutions. For decades Red Hat has helped bring the power of open source to companies worldwide.

About Tigera:
Tigera is the creator and maintainer of Calico Open Source, the most widely used container networking, and security solution. Since its launch, Calico powers 2M+ nodes daily across 166 countries.


About the speakers

Cameron Skidmore Partner Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Cameron Skidmore is a partner solution architect at Red Hat. Most of his day is spent finding new and exciting ways to combine the best ISV technology with Red Hat OpenShift. He has a passion for open-source software and is a firm believer in its power to share and advance great ideas.

Joseph Yostos Technical Marketing Engineer, Tigera

Joseph Yostos is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Tigera, where he helps customers learn more about Calico and provides best practices for securing cloud-native environments.
He is passionate about everything cloud native, from Kubernetes to cloud security and observability.