Isolating namespaces with Calico policies

In this session, we will demonstrate how to protect an application setup using Calico networking and security policies for containers and Kubernetes.

We’ll be covering:

  1. How to properly segregate a namespace?
  2. How Calico global policies can be leveraged to restrict access to node ports?
  3. Basic Kubernetes Data protection.

About the speaker

Geoff Burke

Geoff Burke Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Tsunati

Geoff Burke Calico Big Cat Ambassador, Veeam Vanguard, Veeam Legend. 20 years working in IT. 12 years in Data Protection. Kubernetes certifications: CKA, CKS, CKAD, KCNA. Calico Operator Level 1 and Calico Operator Azure expert. Still very much on the learning curve when it comes to Kubernetes and is always looking for educational resources.