Playtech’s Journey with Calico towards GitOps network security management in Kubernetes

This is a case study about the network security enforcement process in the scope of migration to the Kubernetes environment. Our DevOps team has been going through common challenges to move from node-level firewall rules to a pod-level network security approach. To meet our targets, we started from the Calico open source product and ended up with Calico Cloud setup with automated policy as a code solution which is easily extended to multiple environments. We want to share our calico journey experience and the lessons learned we would like to have known before the start.

The attendees we’ll learn the following;

  • Useful Calico features for effective network policy management.
  • How to build environment-agnostic security policies?

About the speaker

Lyudmila Huzenko DevOps Team Leader, Playtech

Lyudmila is leading the DevOps team involved in different projects to support distributed scalable environments. Currently, the team is focused on the Kubernetes migration project to provide an effective, secure, automated cloud solution. Lyudmila's background includes building DevOps solutions in multiple industries, including gambling, security and telecommunications. She has been certified as Certified Kubernetes Administrator and AWS Solution Architect.