Turbocharging Kubernetes with Calico eBPF dataplane in any environment

A single Kubernetes cluster expends a small percentage of its total available assigned resources on delivering in-cluster networking. We don’t have to be satisfied with this, though—achieving the lowest possible overhead can provide significant cost savings and performance improvements if you are running network-intensive workloads.
In this session, we will explore how Calico eBPF implements these improvements and how eBPF technology is utilized by Calico to achieve performance and security in any environment.
The attendees will learn the following.

  • How you can achieve better performance by using Calico.
  • The benefits of Calico eBPF data plane.
  • How Calico utilizes the power of eBPF and XDP to provide security and turbocharge your networking.

About the speaker

Reza Ramezanpour Developer Advocate, Tigera

Reza Ramezanpour is a Developer Advocate at Tigera where he eagerly tries to demystify the less-known capabilities of open source. Throughout his professional career years in IT he has been a developer, system administrator, and reverse engineer.