Using Calico CNI on a hybrid OS Kubernetes Cluster

Hybrid clusters having multiple nodes with heterogeneous operating systems became a reality in the last few years. Windows went GA on Kubernetes version 1.14, allowing users to move their specialized workloads to containers while still integrating with the Microsoft ecosystem (gMSA, sharing with SMB, etc.). CNI plugins adapted themselves to run on this kind of environment, and this talk provides a walkthrough on how SIG Windows uses Calico CNI on its subprojects.
In this talk we’ll be covering:

  • CNI on Windows
  • Using the development environment
  • Capabilities available (Network Policy, overlay)
  • Calico, Windows and HostProcess containers
  • How to contribute

About the speaker

Amim Knabben Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMWare

Software engineer with a focus on Cloud Native and Free and Open-Source Software, currently working at VMware as the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Windows tech lead. Amim has been contributing to the Kubernetes community since 2020 mainly on SIG-Network and SIG-Windows initiatives. His main interests are operating systems, computer networks, and distributed computing.