Quickstart guide for Fintech companies

A checklist for securing, observing, and troubleshooting cloud-native containerized workloads running on Kubernetes.

Fintech companies are disrupting the financial ecosystem and forcing traditional financial institutions to improve their services and business models. Modern cloud-native technology platforms play an important role in building the technology infrastructure that drives this disruption.

The elastic and ephemeral nature of cloud-native workloads dictate that security and observability tools be cloud-native aware, to not only meet regulatory requirements and help with faster troubleshooting but also to help:

  • Meet stringent and evolving compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Secure access to data internally and externally, including 3rd parties
  • Achieve zero downtime and minimal disruption due to performance issues or communication failure
  • Inventory, audit, and report any violations automatically on a continuous basis
  • Stay up to date about the latest threats and vulnerabilities
  • Visualize real-time communication between different namespaces, microservices, and pods in the cluster to detect any unwanted communication

Collated from our experience working with leading financial institutions, this white paper addresses the real-world challenges experienced by SREs, DevOps engineers, cloud architects, and security teams working in the fintech industry.

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