Extend Your Fortinet Firewall Protection to Kubernetes

Is migrating Kubernetes workloads into production being stalled by security and compliance requirements? Kubernetes makes it challenging to deploy zone-based architectures which are typically required across enterprise data environments.

Fortinet and Tigera have teamed up with an integrated solution that extends your Fortigate firewalls and FortiManager into Kubernetes. Now you can implement and manage a familiar zone-based security architecture in your Kubernetes environment.

Calico defines firewall rules using cloud-native constructs like label selectors, then automatically applies and enforces existing corporate security and compliance controls in Kubernetes. Calico’s audit logs provide proof of enforcement and simplify compliance reporting.

Together, Fortinet and Tigera help you breeze through Kubernetes security and compliance requirements.

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“Leveraging the Power of Calico and Fortinet to secure Any Application on Any Cloud”