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Through practical guidance and best practice recommendations, this book will help you understand why cloud-native applications require a modern approach to security and observability practices, and how to implement such practices in your organization.

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About this free eBook

Do you want to know how to secure and troubleshoot your cloud-native applications? Or are you part of a group that wants to solve security and observability challenges before fully adopting Kubernetes in your organization? This book will take you through the full breadth of new cloud-native approaches for establishing security and observability with Kubernetes.

  • Learn why you need a security and observability strategy for cloud-native applications, and determine your scope of coverage.
  • Understand key concepts behind Kubernetes’s security and observability approach.
  • Discover how to split security responsibilities across multiple teams or roles.
  • Learn how to architect Kubernetes security and observability for multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

About the authors

Brendan Creane

Brendan Creane is Head of Engineering at Tigera, where he is responsible for all engineering operations, including Calico Cloud, Calico Enterprise, and Project Calico. Brendan has several decades of experience building enterprise security, observability, and networking products.

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is VP Business Development & Product Management at Tigera, where he is responsible for the strategy and vision of Tigera’s products and leads the delivery of the company’s roadmap. Amit is a hands-on product executive with expertise in building software products and services across various domains including cloud security, cloud-native applications, and public and private cloud infrastructure.

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